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From Jason Katims, executive producer of UPN's teen-alien series Roswell, told SCI FI Wire that the Smackdown network has picked up seven more episodes of the current season, for a full year's complement. "They picked up another seven, so we're doing 20 episodes this year, a total of 20," Katims said in an interview at UPN's winter press tour in Pasadena, Calif. "Which is good. We're shooting now the 14th episode. ... We're more than halfway into shooting." The season finale, which will count as two episodes, will be aired in a two-hour block. The show, which has faced stiff competition from The WB's Smallville this year, has been in danger of disappearing altogether, as it has for most of its life. As for whether UPN will pick up the series for a fourth season, Katims said, "For next year, we're essentially where we always are around this time of year, which is we don't know. This is where we were the first season and the second season, which is we're kind of at this point not sure about whether the show is going to come back."
Go to this link for the all the latest ways to save the show.

On February 26, 2002 - Network America will be releasing a first for us Roswell fans. Our own soundtrack cd. There will be extras on the cd too. The 12 songs will be:

Dido "Here with Me", Sense Field "Save Yourself", Ivy "Edge of the Ocean", Coldplay "Brothers and Sisters", Ash "Shining Light", Sarah McLachlan "Fear", Zero 7 "Destiny", Travis "More Than Us", Sheryl Crow "I Shall Believe", Doves "Blackbird", Stereophonics "Have a Nice Day" and Dido "Here With Me" (Chillin’ w/the Family Mix).

Roswell is only signed for 13 episodes. Give Roswell a full Season 3.


Tuesday, December 11, 2001

UPN is playing an encore presentation of "The End Of The World", the episode that changed everything. Remember why you hurt so much when this episode was over. Remember why we didn't like Tess coming around and changing everything. Oh, and who could forget Max's arm pull-ups and how good Max looks in the future too.


Tuesday, December 4, 2001

UPN is playing an encore presentation of the "Pilot", the episode that started all our obsessions. Remember why you fell in love with this show. Make someone new watch it, and get them hooked. Have a Roswell party. You get the idea.


Tuesday December 4th ONLY
MTV's TRL Campaign Idea

Request Dido's "Here With Me" for TRL on December 4th. Call 1-888-311-4343 (which is free) or go to TRL online. On the TRL site click on "cast your vote." You'll see a massive list of songs. Scroll all the way down and in the left row you'll see "Favorite vid not on the countdown? No worries, just select "other" and fill in the info below." It'll tell you what to do. Make sure you fill out the info on the right too. That's where you get to put in your name and message. In the message make sure you mention WATCH ROSWELL TUESDAYS @9PM ON UPN or if you are unsure of the times for all over just put WATCH ROSWELL TUESDAYS AFTER BUFFY ON UPN!! If you'd like mention the pilot being on that night. You can also say something about watching the best show or how much you love Roswell. Just don't make it too long or they probably won't put it on there.

Go to for the whole article.