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Roswell Home Page

Max Evans - He landed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. He was adopted by the Evans after coming out of the pods in the late 80s. He had a secret he was trying to keep from everyone. Then, the girl he loved, Liz Parker, got shot in the Crashdown one day. He had to save her. So, he risked his life and used his healing power, revealing his secret for the first time to anyone. He is slowly learning more and more about his purpose on earth and past life. He found out he is the leader of the Royal Four. He also found out he is suppose to be with Tess. Everyone started to go against him. He then turned to Tess and they were together. Tess got pregnant. The baby couldn't survive on this planet, so he had to find a way home. At the last second of leaving, he found out Tess killed Alex. He sent Tess home alone. Now, he has to find a way to save his son. His powers so far are: molecular manipulation, healing and creating a force field. Tabasco sauce is a must!

Isabel Evans - She landed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. She was also adopted by the Evans after coming out of the pods in the late 80s. She is Max's sister. She doesn't like to let anyone in and get too close. She has a close relationship with her mother, which is very important to her. She finally let someone in, Alex Whitman. She played with him at first. (sometimes too much) She truly did love him though. Unfortunately, he was taken away from her. This was very hard for her and still is. In her past life, she was the princess and bethrowed to Michael. She learned from Vanessa Whitaker a little more about her past. Isabel learned that her name was Vilandra and that she betrayed her brother. She is very afraid of this being true, which is why she didn't know how to tell Max. Her powers so far are: molecular manipulation and dream walking. Tabasco sauce is a must!

Michael Guerin - He landed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. He was separated from Max and Isabel after coming out of the pods in the late 80s. He wasn't as lucky as Max and Isabel. He was put in foster care and adopted by Hank Guerin. Being alone pretty much in this world, he focus on finding the truth to their past. Max and Isabel are his only family. He doesn't like to show it, but he is very intelligent. When he was 16, Mr. Evans helped Michael get legally emancipated. He now has his own apartment and works as a cook at the Crashdown. He is also dating Maria DeLuca. They just put their relationship to a new level. He found out that he was second in command in his past life and bethrowed to Isabel. His powers so far are: molecular manipulation and blowing things up (he hasn't totally got control of his powers yet). Tabasco sauce is a must!

Liz Parker - Her parents own the Crashdown Cafe, where she is also a waitress. She likes to be in control of every situation. She keeps a journal on her life. She was just a normal small town girl until she was accidentally shot at the Crashdown. Max saved her life, and they had a real connection with flashes of their lives. She loves Max very much. She helps Max, Isabel and Michael out whenever they need it. She is great with science, which helps in some of their situations. She is just a wonderful person.

Maria DeLuca - She is Liz Parker's best friend. She also is a waitress at the Crashdown. Her father left when she was a child. She lives with her mother and now cousin Sean. She is very close to her mother. She is a great singer and has a great sarcastic attitude. She is not afraid to speak her mind, which makes her so great. She did not like the pod squad at first. That changed soon after. She is dating Michael. They just took their relationship to a new level.

Kyle Valenti - He is the son of Sheriff Valenti. He is a classic school jock. He is Liz's ex-boyfriend. He did not like Max at all in the beginning. Kyle was accidently shot by his father, and Max healed him. He knows now of the pod squad's secret. He gets mad at them sometimes for messing with all his friend's lives. He is now buddha man. He thought of Tess as a sister. He now knows that she mind warped him to forget what he saw happen to Alex. He will now have to deal with that.

Jim Valenti - He is the sheriff of Roswell, New Mexico. He is the father of Kyle. After the shooting in the Crashdown, he started to get suspicious of Max. He now knows the truth about them. After Max saved Kyle's life after getting accidentally shot,he is now on their side and helps them out when needed. He is now dating Amy DeLuca.

Alex Whitman - He was one of the last to know of the pod squad. Liz finally told him when they were in jail. He was best friends with Maria and Liz. He secretly had a crush on Isabel in the beginning. Alex and Isabel dated off and on. He never knew how to handle her. He had a garage band, named the Whits. He was a great friend and a good person. His life was taken from him by Tess Harding. Tess was using Alex to translate the book and mind warping him. He finally had one too many mind warps and died. Tess tried to cover it up, but finally got caught. They all lost their great friend, Alex, because of Tess.

Tess Harding - She was raised by Nasedo. She has been running from the FBI all her life, and has had little interaction with humans due to Nasedo. She has grown up believing that Max is her mate. She is very confident in using her powers, unlike the others. Her powers so far are: molecular manipulation and mind warping. Tabasco sauce is a must! She killed Alex and tried to cover it up. She used Alex to translate the book. She then, somehow, got Max to be with her. She then became pregnant. The baby could not survive on this planet, so they had to find a way home. Thanks to Michael, they did. At the last second everyone found out what she did. Max sent her back to their home planet alone. Now they have no way home, since she took their only way.

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