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S E A S O N 3

Roswell Home Page

"Busted" - Max and Liz hold up a convenient store to try and find the spaceship. They get caught, but eventually charges are dropped because of what Max and his father find. Isabel is having a secret relationship with Jesse, her father's new lawyer. Michael is trying to get his life together, now that he's not going anywhere.

"Michael, the Guys, & Great Snapple Caper" - Michael is trying to survive on Earth, now that he's staying. He gets a new night job and starts to get new friends. Liz is forbidin to see Max. Kyle has taken on the father role, Jim Valenti is acting like the child. Jim has a new job venture.

"Significant Others" - Liz finds out why her father is acting the way he is about her and Max. Isabel talks to Alex to find out what to do about Jesse. She has to learn how to say goodbye to Alex and move on. Michael is trying to juggle hanging out with his new friends and Maria. Maria finds out and tells Michael how she feels about him and his new friends.

"Secrets & Lies" - Max goes to L.A. in search of a shapeshifter. While there, Max auditions for a spot on Enterprise. Liz helps Max from Roswell by finding out what she can. Kyle and his father deal with some family issues with a helpful push from Liz. Isabel tells her parents she is getting married.

"Control" - Isabel is planning her wedding. Max is in L.A. trying to get the shapeshifter to help get to their ship. Max finds out about Isabel's engagement.

"To Have And To Hold" - Isabel and Jesse's wedding. Kivar comes into the picture.Maria helps with the wedding duties including finding the music.Max and Michael find out what they can about Jesse.

"Interruptus" - Isabel and Jesse go on their honeymoon. Kivar also is there. Max and Michael go too after Kivar.

"Behind The Music" - Max sees his father's board. Maria's ex-boyfriend comes to visit. Michael tries to handle it. Maria brakes up with Michael.

"Samuel Rising" - The Christmas Nazi is back! Max has a connection with a boy. Another great Christmas episode.

"A Tale Of Two Parties" - It's a New Years to remember. Isabel and Kyle spend it together. Liz has to stay at the crashdown, but still gets her Max at midnight. Maria and Max go on a search for the secret party. Michael's night, not so good.

"I Married An Alien" - Cute episode with flash backs to a "Bewitched" type setting. An old friend of Jesse's comes in town and wants to uncover Max, Michael and Isabel.

"Ch-Ch-Changes" - Maria gets a singing opportunity. Liz has life threatening changes happening to herself. Max tries to help but makes it worse. Liz goes to Vermont boarding school.

"Panacea" - Liz tries to be someone else at the boarding school. A lot more is going on at Metachem then we know about. Maria goes to New York to work on demo. Is Max really dead?

"Chant Down to Babylon" - Max is dead, so we think. Michael and Isabel go after who did this. Isabel gets shot. Jesse finds out the truth about Isabel, and isn't quite sure how to take it yet. Liz struggles with knowing Max is gone. She gets drunk. Max struggles with Clayton for control of the body. Isabel fights to stay alive. Jesse calls his ex-doctor friend to fix her up. They all wait for her to wake up. Michael and Kyle share some moments with Isabel. Michael is the one that jump starts Isabel to wake-up. Max still struggles and tells Liz to kill him. She then struggles with Clayton. They go out the window and Max saves Liz. Liz then brings Max back. Max, Liz and Maria head back to Roswell.

"Who Died and Made You King?" - Jesse is seeing a shrink. Michael and Max know about it. Michael threatens the shrink without Max's approval. The FBI then takes Jesse and tries to get him to talk. Since Max DID die, the seal was passed on to the next in line....which would be Michael. Of course, that wasn't such a good thing. Max becomes king again. Jesse kills the FBI agent and Isabel covers it up.

"Crash" - Another spaceship crashes into Roswell hitting another plane. The military covers it up, of course, saying the pilot died in the crash. Max and Michael go in to save the pilot and re-unite him with his daughter.Jesse and Isabel aren't doing as well as they were. Isabel gets taped using her powers by her parents.

"Four Aliens and a Baby" - Liz and Max acting like normal teens. Jesse and Isabel still fighting. Tess is back killing people on the way to protect the baby, Zan. Everyone puts Tess in her place, including Liz throwing Tess against the wall a couple of times. Max and Isabel's parents find out the truth. They try to get Tess and baby out of town, but doesn't work. So, everyone hides out. Liz takes Tess back to the base and Tess makes a big explosion destroying the base, including herself. Max gives the baby up for adoption to protect his son.

"Graduation" - Episode airing May 14, 2002.