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S E A S O N 1

Roswell Home Page

"The Pilot" - Liz Parker is shot and Max saves her life with his powers. Max tells Liz his secret about being an alien along with his sister, Isabel, and best friend, Michael.

"The Morning After" - A mysterious substitute teacher probes Michael's life. Sheriff Valenti is pressured by the FBI. Michael contemplates breaking into Sheriff Valenti's office.

"Monsters" - Isabel is concerned about Maria's nervous reactions to Sheriff Valenti, so she dream walks one of Maria's dreams. Counselor Topolsky holds career guidance sessions with the students. Max meets a curator obsessed with finding aliens.

"Leaving Normal" - Liz's grandmother is rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke. Liz wants Max's help. Michael plots revenge on Kyle's friends, who assaulted Max without Kyle's knowledge. Maria asks Isabel for help waiting tables at the Crashdown.

"Missing" - Liz's journal is missing, stirring up some accusations. Michael was the one who took it in order to find out if she could be trusted.

"285 South" - Michael is convinced he has discovered the location of the mysterious building from a recurring vision, so he abducts Maria's car..and Maria. Liz, Max, Isabel go off and try to catch up to them with Kyle, Topolsky, and Sheriff Valenti following.

"River Dog" - Max and Liz go to the Indian reservation to see River Dog about the necklace. They discover that it has a connection with the alien from 1959.

"Blood Brothers" - Max is injured in a car accident and taken to a hospital. Alex's blood is put in place of Max's. Michael spies Topolsky's men rummaging through Max's hospital room.

"Heat Wave" - During a freak December heat wave, thoughts turn to romance as Michael and Maria's relationship gets steamy. Isabel decides to walk into Alex's dream and discovers that he's dreaming about her. Liz and Alex are arrested at a rave. Liz tells Alex the truth about the others. Liz and Max share their first kiss.

"Balance" - Isabel and Michael discover that Max has been keeping the cave drawings a secret. While Max and Liz go out on a first date, Michael goes to see River Dog and joins in a Sweat and becomes very sick.

"The Toy House" - Max's mother gets a glimpse of him using his powers to put out a grease fire. She begins to question his secretive nature. Isabel pressures Max to reveal their secret to their mother. Liz tends to Kyle after he's injured during a basketball game, which makes Max jealous.

"Into the Woods" - A bright flash of light in the sky is witnessed by several people in the woods near Riverdog's reservation. Max and Isabel go to investigate by joining the school camping trip. Liz is forced to endure the outing with her father and pays Maria to accompany them.

"The Convention" - A convention at the UFO Center attracts an alien hunter who claims to know what really happened the night of the 1972 murder that ended Sheriff Valenti's father's career. Max takes on extra duties at the center to help keep his mind off of Liz. Maria's mother organizes a wrestling match that features a mystery performer.

"Blind Date" - Maria entered Liz in a radio blind date contest. Max and Kyle share a strange night bonding over their mutual inability to get over Liz. Maria steps in to save the day when Alex's band needs a new lead singer. Michael is convinced he has unlocked the secret of a mysterious map and enlists Isabel's help to send a signal to a possible fourth alien.

"Independence Day" - Michael shows up at school with a black eye after a violent encounter with his foster father. Isabel urges him to report the incident, but Michael is reluctant to draw attention to himself. Maria and Liz experience an embarrassing run-in with Sheriff Valenti when they catch him making out with Maria's mother. Max and Isabel's efforts to include Michael in their family only makes him feel more isolated, until unexpected help from Philip Evans allows Michael to take his life in a new direction.

"Sexual Healing" - Liz and Max give in to their feelings for each other. Liz sees images that may be Max's memories of his trip to Earth, while Max experiences visions of Liz's past. Michael and Maria experiment with their own make-out sessions.

"Crazy" - FBI agent Topolsky returns to warn Liz that a covert alien hunter inside the Bureau is pursuing Max and the others. Isabel befriends a new female student who immediately arouses Max and Michael's suspicions.

"Tess, Lies and Videotape" - Max develops an uncontrollable attraction to Tess that includes intense sexual daydreams. Sheriff Valenti learns that Topolsky was killed in a suspicious fire. Someone has secretly placed a video camera inside Michael's apartment.

"Four Square" - Harding finds the video camera hidden in his house and gives it to Valenti. Tess reveals a personal secret to Isabel. Max confronts Tess in the desert. Isabel and Michael have embarrassing dreams.

"Max To The Max" - Tess's book says that she and Max are destined to be, as are Michael and Isabel. Isabel thinks she might be pregnant with Michael's baby. Nasedo disguises himself as Max and kidnaps Liz as part of a plan to trap FBI agent Pierce.

"White Room" - Max finds himself in a white room with no windows or doors, facing questions by Agent Pierce. Agent Pierce tortures Max to make him reveal his identity.

"Destiny" - Tess learns Nasedo might not have made it out of the military base. Michael uses his powers in front of Sheriff Valenti, and he realizes the aliens' true identities. Max and Isabel receive a message from their real mother by using the orbs. Liz realizes that she can't be part of this and leaves Max to his destiny. Max tries to stop her.